End of the Year

I still have a link on Twitter to this. If you came here through there, thanks. Life has been intense this year so my writing hit the back burning. I hope to return to it in ’18 though as things have evened out and I am finding more balance. Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful December. Be kind, be true, be you.


A Trade I Made

I consider my league mates friends and try to keep conversations honest and open. This game requires a little tact though and a poker face is needed from time to time. Even when I am looking for fair trades I know if I tip my hand the other owner might try to take advantage. I know I will try and get a little extra value if the opportunity presents itself and I expect others to do the same as part of the game. This being said, the key to keeping good relationships through this dance is always trying to keep transactions mostly fair and even. Just because you can take full advantage of something does not mean you should, skimming a little extra value is fine. Also, nobody wants to deal with commissioners or owners crying collusion. 
Now, on with the story.

This last week I made a trade in a 2QB league. This league also gives 0.2 ppc and 1.25 ppr to runningbacks and he his main guys were Devonta FreemanMelvin Gordon and Derrick Henry. The running backs are who I really wanted but I didn’t want to tip my hand.
I was eyeing Devante Adams and started by offering Odell Beckham Jr. for Adams and a runningback of his choice. My hope was to get Freeman but after some thought he let me know he was more interest in my quarterbacks. This made total sense because I had Kirk Cousins, Jameis Winston and Alex Smith with Patrick Mahomes. He had Ben Roethlisberger with Landry Jones and Carson Palmer. Losing Colin Kaepernick in this league hurt him, those rushes are huge. For me, I think Winston is a first or second round start up value, so without getting another stud player I would take in that range I couldn’t do it. Potentially I could have done Winston for Freeman or Gordon but I didn’t want to trade Winston in the first place and did not put it on the table. So I started the offers with Cousins as my main piece. I offered Cousins for Adams and Freeman. Then before he could respond I was feeling like I needed to add a reciever to the group to make it fair so I let him know I could throw in a wide reciever three type guy.

At this point in talks I still didn’t want to seem too anxious about getting Freeman or Gordon because I was totally fine with “settling” for Derrick Henry. Henry may still have another year as the number two guy but I think he has great potential and I am willing to wait. Since I was not giving up OBJ I didn’t need to get Adams and could shift talks toward the running back as the main asset on his side. I offered Cousins for one of his top backs plus something little. Leaving which back and the little piece up to him. This league might have ppc but in a twelve team 2qb league, quartback is still king to me. His reply was honest and valuable, here is where I had to look in the mirror. 

Sometimes we need to recognize our own bias towards players on our teams. I could see my bias towards Cousins. He let me know he’d rather give me back one of his older quartbacks and a guy like Doug Baldwin because he felt his runningbacks deserve a premium. He wasn’t wrong, I just knew we were gonna be a little bit further apart than I liked to be in a trade. So I offered to “step down” to Henry and he let me know it would be easier to get a deal done this way.

He let me know he was uneasy about Cousins potential to leave Washington and the uncertainty which would follow. His initial thought was Winston for Devante Adams and Derrick Henry but he didn’t think it would be enough on his side. The open dialogue we were able to have with each other was very helpful for both of us. Sharing an honest thought process, if kept short, can be useful and is still polite conversation. This is not the same as when someone sends paragraphs about why they are sending an offer and why it should be accepted. Those kinds of things are rarely accepted with anything more than a laugh and decline. Keep it simple. 

I countered with Cousins for those two players, Adams and Henry. I also put in a note saying I could add Golden Tate or Jordan Matthews if it would help soften the blow of losing Adams. He added Matthews to the deal and it was done.

I went through all this and you may be sitting there wondering why I didn’t just send Winston for Gordon. This is a fair question. My answer is I do not like to buy players at their ceilings. I believe Henry will gain value over the next 12 months and his production will go up substantially from here on out. Did I buy Adams at his ceiling though? I do not think so. He is still a third round pick in normal start ups who could easily jump to the start of the second when he has another great season.

Saving History

As I sit in my front yard on this day of Independence, half watching my girls play in their pool and half looking for potential #Dynastytrades, I think about history. History is such a part of us, it is the nature of time. It is a dynamic part of a relative concept we all participate in. In a year Google will remind me what my family and I were doing with a collage of pictures.

What does this rambling have to do with fantasy football? Not much. History however has a lot to do with fantasy football and strategy. If only Google could remind me about interactions with other owners. Offers I made that had been rejected or offers I recieved and rejected at the time would be helpful. There are already plenty of resources for NFL player and team history. When it comes to trading though, remembering how an owner acted before is much more helpful for deciding how to go about things now. For this reason I go back into Hangouts, Twitter DM and email. Skim through old conversations looking for a tell or how owners felt about players and team construction. Some people keep notes, I don’t. I probably should but it is time I don’t want to spend. Maybe this will change as time goes forward, I don’t know. 

There may be more coming on this but right now I am gonna jump in a kiddy pool. Happy fourth, be safe my friend.


I recieved an invite to SFB7 today and I am beyond excited. I met tons of awesome people and interacting with new people is always fun for me. The draft starts in a week and I have not done any prep. I know the scoring system changes from last year because of all the podcasts I have listened to. With the second pick I am going RB, still not sure which one but it will depend on who goes with the first anyway.

I should backtrack a minute to explain what SFB7 is. It stands for “Scott Fish Bowl 7” and is a massive league with fantasy analysts and fans. If you are on twitter make sure you are following @scottfish24. There are tons of prizes and a really cool set up including a bestball eliminator leading up to one final champ. For a better explanation I am linking the website here. The theme this year is Disney characters and I was put into Hercules. 

Starting line-up

Not only is this league superflex but it is also 6pt per TD. Last year I thought I should go QB in late round one but I was wrong, not making this mistake again. An added twist for this year is one point for every first down. A while back I was looking into switching a league or starting a league with I found SportingCharts.com kept track of first downs by players. So though I am just now starting to really research at least I already had this in my head.

I will keep you all posted with the things I find and how the draft goes. Thanks for reading.

Polarizing Owners

It’s funny how we are drawn to the shiny new thing. It is a habit embedded in our society. It is what our economy relies on. In Dynasty fantasy football, it can be the difference between a championship and perenial middle of the road team. Taking advantage of the guy who still uses a Galaxy 3 and turning around and making profit with the one who waits in line for the next iPhone every year. My favorite leagues are the ones where I have gotten to know the owners and can point out these players. Next time you are in MFL, take a look at roster construction. Can you find two polarized owners?

Redraft Mock

I have been playing around on the Draft Wizard app from Fantasy Pros and I think the strategy I like most in redraft this year is going RB-RB. I was drafting from the 7 spot and started with Melvin Gordon and Demarco Murray. 

The wide receivers I can end up with after those two are still pretty solid and in PPR I have no problem with taking Jarvis Landry and Golden Tate with my next two picks.

Murray has been pretty healthy but I starting look at Derrick Henry in the 9th round and if he is there in the 10th it is an autopick for me. 

I will explore some more redraft tomorrow. I am dead tired though, thanks for reading. Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @jojolmags 

Up Late Thought

I took a break with the arrival of my daughter. She was born with a cataract which left her blind in one eye. After a medical procedure where they removed the cataract along with her lense she now has some sight with her contact in. Just to give you an idea of how that is possible, normal contact perscription is less than 3, hers is +23… My family and I have been busy adhusting to lifes latest curve ball. I want to be back here though, I miss it.

I think I have decided on a schedule. I must give myself a schedule so I can create what I want in this space and take care of work and family. Stay tuned my friends, good things are coming. 

Thank you