End of the Year

I still have a link on Twitter to this. If you came here through there, thanks. Life has been intense this year so my writing hit the back burning. I hope to return to it in ’18 though as things have evened out and I am finding more balance. Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful December. Be kind, be true, be you.



I recieved an invite to SFB7 today and I am beyond excited. I met tons of awesome people and interacting with new people is always fun for me. The draft starts in a week and I have not done any prep. I know the scoring system changes from last year because of all the podcasts I have listened to. With the second pick I am going RB, still not sure which one but it will depend on who goes with the first anyway.

I should backtrack a minute to explain what SFB7 is. It stands for “Scott Fish Bowl 7” and is a massive league with fantasy analysts and fans. If you are on twitter make sure you are following @scottfish24. There are tons of prizes and a really cool set up including a bestball eliminator leading up to one final champ. For a better explanation I am linking the website here. The theme this year is Disney characters and I was put into Hercules. 

Starting line-up

Not only is this league superflex but it is also 6pt per TD. Last year I thought I should go QB in late round one but I was wrong, not making this mistake again. An added twist for this year is one point for every first down. A while back I was looking into switching a league or starting a league with I found SportingCharts.com kept track of first downs by players. So though I am just now starting to really research at least I already had this in my head.

I will keep you all posted with the things I find and how the draft goes. Thanks for reading.

Polarizing Owners

It’s funny how we are drawn to the shiny new thing. It is a habit embedded in our society. It is what our economy relies on. In Dynasty fantasy football, it can be the difference between a championship and perenial middle of the road team. Taking advantage of the guy who still uses a Galaxy 3 and turning around and making profit with the one who waits in line for the next iPhone every year. My favorite leagues are the ones where I have gotten to know the owners and can point out these players. Next time you are in MFL, take a look at roster construction. Can you find two polarized owners?

Redraft Mock

I have been playing around on the Draft Wizard app from Fantasy Pros and I think the strategy I like most in redraft this year is going RB-RB. I was drafting from the 7 spot and started with Melvin Gordon and Demarco Murray. 

The wide receivers I can end up with after those two are still pretty solid and in PPR I have no problem with taking Jarvis Landry and Golden Tate with my next two picks.

Murray has been pretty healthy but I starting look at Derrick Henry in the 9th round and if he is there in the 10th it is an autopick for me. 

I will explore some more redraft tomorrow. I am dead tired though, thanks for reading. Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @jojolmags 

Up Late Thought

I took a break with the arrival of my daughter. She was born with a cataract which left her blind in one eye. After a medical procedure where they removed the cataract along with her lense she now has some sight with her contact in. Just to give you an idea of how that is possible, normal contact perscription is less than 3, hers is +23… My family and I have been busy adhusting to lifes latest curve ball. I want to be back here though, I miss it.

I think I have decided on a schedule. I must give myself a schedule so I can create what I want in this space and take care of work and family. Stay tuned my friends, good things are coming. 

Thank you 

Thoughts 3-15

A quick thought before I get into it…. There are a lot of moving pieces right now and if I have multiple second round picks I’m trying to buy Garcon, Jackson, Lacy or Pryor. That’s my first thought and you can check out #dynastytrades on twitter to see where the lines are at.

Second thought is about the chaos created when the commissioner fee in hyperactive dynasty leagues was put into question. I personally do not play in these leagues but I know many who do. I do commish two leagues that I also play in. In these leagues I do not charge to be commissioner but if I did not really enjoy those leagues there is no way I would do it. It’s a relatively thankless job which requires a lot of work. The key difference is the commissioner of Hyperactive does not play in the leagues. He is a solo and third party commissioner. You better believe I would charge to do that. He is not alone either, there are other places offering this service with a rake. For what it’s worth,  this is how the DFS machine makes money.

The amount going to commissioner was brought into question as well, not just the money itself, because some new participants were unaware. To this I say, take accountability. When joining a league it is up to you to understand the format, fees, payouts, rules and by-laws.
Gotta go back to work. Thanks for reading.

Observation 1-3

I recently spoke with someone in a league with rosters under 25 offensive players, no IDP. In a league like this, the rookie draft only needs to be three rounds. His draft was five. There simply is not enough room to hold the drafted players at that point. It diminishes the pick value and the ability to let players mature. It takes away one of the key dynamics in dynasty which is being early on a player.

I told him to use everything in the third, fourth and fifth to move up. Package it all or package some with players. Anything past three has a good chance of being on the waiver wire in six months. If you play in shallow rosters, start seriously looking at your roster and thinking of who to package. If you have multuple later picks, put them with one of those players and try for a first or second. Players with immediate or second year impact become much mlre important.

Shallow rosters changes a key strategy from holding players to consolidation of players/picks. Some players can still be held, but to win the upside needs to be better than that of a late pick.