Thoughts 3-15

A quick thought before I get into it…. There are a lot of moving pieces right now and if I have multiple second round picks I’m trying to buy Garcon, Jackson, Lacy or Pryor. That’s my first thought and you can check out #dynastytrades on twitter to see where the lines are at.

Second thought is about the chaos created when the commissioner fee in hyperactive dynasty leagues was put into question. I personally do not play in these leagues but I know many who do. I do commish two leagues that I also play in. In these leagues I do not charge to be commissioner but if I did not really enjoy those leagues there is no way I would do it. It’s a relatively thankless job which requires a lot of work. The key difference is the commissioner of Hyperactive does not play in the leagues. He is a solo and third party commissioner. You better believe I would charge to do that. He is not alone either, there are other places offering this service with a rake. For what it’s worth,  this is how the DFS machine makes money.

The amount going to commissioner was brought into question as well, not just the money itself, because some new participants were unaware. To this I say, take accountability. When joining a league it is up to you to understand the format, fees, payouts, rules and by-laws.
Gotta go back to work. Thanks for reading.


Observation 1-3

I recently spoke with someone in a league with rosters under 25 offensive players, no IDP. In a league like this, the rookie draft only needs to be three rounds. His draft was five. There simply is not enough room to hold the drafted players at that point. It diminishes the pick value and the ability to let players mature. It takes away one of the key dynamics in dynasty which is being early on a player.

I told him to use everything in the third, fourth and fifth to move up. Package it all or package some with players. Anything past three has a good chance of being on the waiver wire in six months. If you play in shallow rosters, start seriously looking at your roster and thinking of who to package. If you have multuple later picks, put them with one of those players and try for a first or second. Players with immediate or second year impact become much mlre important.

Shallow rosters changes a key strategy from holding players to consolidation of players/picks. Some players can still be held, but to win the upside needs to be better than that of a late pick. 

Observation 1-2

A new year is upon us.

I submitted something to UTH but I am not sure it will go live. I have all these thoughts in my head about different leagues and what to do with this time during the playoffs. I am rambling and may have been too rambly on the article I submitted. Anyways…

A league I was in, would be going into the third year but it folded this weekend. I am bummed it didn’t survive even though I have known I was going to leave for months. It is a best ball league so I didn’t have to worry about neglecting line-ups or waivers. It just stopped being a fun league. Then add on the recent changes at home and work and it didn’t make sense to stay. It is hard for me to leave a league when I have had such a strong stance on the responsibility and commitment of being a dynasty owner.

When I first wrote about the responsibility of an owner I did include the caveat of real life being more important than the fantasy one. Even though I wrote it, I had not been following it. As a result my family life was strained and my fantasy life was affected too. So I have decided not to be a person with tens of leagues. I am gonna stay closer five. If I can narrow my focus than I will be able to play better and focus more on real life. 

Reading this, you are probably thinking “first world problems” or “this dude says ‘I’ a lot. I agree 100% 😉 . The thing about problems like this is they are only problems because we made them problems. I created the fantasy side of this problem by over committing to more leagues than I could handle. I did not take into account the transitions and growth in my real life when I was growing my fantasy one.

In this instance, recognizing a simple solution will greatly improve my life, leaving a couple leagues. Choosing not have a problem seems difficult at first, but now it is over and I feel great. Some of my leaguemates were bummed and some even mad for bailing. Once I explained my situation and needing to take care of other things, they understood.

Side note: thank you for reading this far

I hope you are never in a position like this, were you have to leaving something you enjoy. Also, if other parts of your life suffer because of a league or leaguemates, leave. Someone else will take your spot, there are plenty of owners looking for orphans. 

Take into consideration the commitment level needed for a new league. Start-up season is about to take off. Do not over commit.

Observation 12-28

Week 16 is over and most of the dynasty champions have been decided. Of the 8 dynasty leagues I played in, I won 2. I played in the Scott Fish Bowl, a redraft league ESPN and a $4 challenge bestball league. It was all a little too much. I did win the $4 challenge amd make it to the Championship in redraft though.

You may have heard I moved into a small house, you may even call it a tiny house as it is under 1,000 square feet. My family and I have embarked on living a more minimalist and essentialist life style. Through all this I have cluttered my mobile and online life. For some reason I have had a disconnect there and it has not been productive. I have been writing less and wasting time on more social media, more leagues and more games.

I bring this up because I have been struggling with this double life and have already cut out two dynasty leagues. I have had a strong stance on the commitment made when joining a league and why we should not leave a league. I have had to recognize my fault in joining leagues I should have resisted in the first place. Drafting is so fun though! This year, if I need to draft I am going to limit it to $4 challenge or MFL $10’s so my actual commitment is limited.

(More soon… gotta get to bed)

Observation 11-3

I need to clarify something.

The rules chosen by any league are their own and I have no issue with it. My issue with the debate on potential points is when a league switches to it because they can not stop members from tanking. I would also like to pose a dilemma.

A team who has decent depth and good starters gets unlucky. They finish the first 7 weeks at 0 and 7 because they keep facing the first or second highest scorer even though they are always the nest highest scorer for the week. They get a few really close calls or they benched a guy who went off the week they benched them. They will miss the playoffs by a mile but by potential points they would be in the top of the standings. Maybe it is set up so only non playoff teams are potential points, which still moves them from a very early pick to the 8th pick.

So, should they get an earlier pick to compensate for their horrible luck and bad record or a later pick because “they have a good team”?

Observation 11-2 

There are plenty of different strategies for preventing tanking. Getting closer to the end of the season always brings up the debates on which way is better. I will have to keep this short today but would like to continue ore on this topic later. My main point on leaving things as standings and not potential points is this:

If the integrity of the league is in so much question you do not trust league mates to set their line ups to the best of their ability, the issue is not in settings. The issue is with the people you are playing with.

I believe as long as owners are setting the line up every week with active NFL players who have been or should be seeing the field, there should not be interference. If this is not happeneing, the owners are at fault. It is that simple.

Growing up 10-31

Happy Halloween.

My youngest daughter turned two this past weekend. Every birthday I can’t believe how much my kids have grown. Every birthday i become more freaked out about my girls being teens. Being more and more exposed to the world. Children are so innocent. I know all I can do is teach them to the best of my ability.