Saving History

As I sit in my front yard on this day of Independence, half watching my girls play in their pool and half looking for potential #Dynastytrades, I think about history. History is such a part of us, it is the nature of time. It is a dynamic part of a relative concept we all participate in. In a year Google will remind me what my family and I were doing with a collage of pictures.

What does this rambling have to do with fantasy football? Not much. History however has a lot to do with fantasy football and strategy. If only Google could remind me about interactions with other owners. Offers I made that had been rejected or offers I recieved and rejected at the time would be helpful. There are already plenty of resources for NFL player and team history. When it comes to trading though, remembering how an owner acted before is much more helpful for deciding how to go about things now. For this reason I go back into Hangouts, Twitter DM and email. Skim through old conversations looking for a tell or how owners felt about players and team construction. Some people keep notes, I don’t. I probably should but it is time I don’t want to spend. Maybe this will change as time goes forward, I don’t know. 

There may be more coming on this but right now I am gonna jump in a kiddy pool. Happy fourth, be safe my friend.


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