I recieved an invite to SFB7 today and I am beyond excited. I met tons of awesome people and interacting with new people is always fun for me. The draft starts in a week and I have not done any prep. I know the scoring system changes from last year because of all the podcasts I have listened to. With the second pick I am going RB, still not sure which one but it will depend on who goes with the first anyway.

I should backtrack a minute to explain what SFB7 is. It stands for “Scott Fish Bowl 7” and is a massive league with fantasy analysts and fans. If you are on twitter make sure you are following @scottfish24. There are tons of prizes and a really cool set up including a bestball eliminator leading up to one final champ. For a better explanation I am linking the website here. The theme this year is Disney characters and I was put into Hercules. 

Starting line-up

Not only is this league superflex but it is also 6pt per TD. Last year I thought I should go QB in late round one but I was wrong, not making this mistake again. An added twist for this year is one point for every first down. A while back I was looking into switching a league or starting a league with I found SportingCharts.com kept track of first downs by players. So though I am just now starting to really research at least I already had this in my head.

I will keep you all posted with the things I find and how the draft goes. Thanks for reading.


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