Thoughts 3-15

A quick thought before I get into it…. There are a lot of moving pieces right now and if I have multiple second round picks I’m trying to buy Garcon, Jackson, Lacy or Pryor. That’s my first thought and you can check out #dynastytrades on twitter to see where the lines are at.

Second thought is about the chaos created when the commissioner fee in hyperactive dynasty leagues was put into question. I personally do not play in these leagues but I know many who do. I do commish two leagues that I also play in. In these leagues I do not charge to be commissioner but if I did not really enjoy those leagues there is no way I would do it. It’s a relatively thankless job which requires a lot of work. The key difference is the commissioner of Hyperactive does not play in the leagues. He is a solo and third party commissioner. You better believe I would charge to do that. He is not alone either, there are other places offering this service with a rake. For what it’s worth,  this is how the DFS machine makes money.

The amount going to commissioner was brought into question as well, not just the money itself, because some new participants were unaware. To this I say, take accountability. When joining a league it is up to you to understand the format, fees, payouts, rules and by-laws.
Gotta go back to work. Thanks for reading.


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