Observation 1-2

A new year is upon us.

I submitted something to UTH but I am not sure it will go live. I have all these thoughts in my head about different leagues and what to do with this time during the playoffs. I am rambling and may have been too rambly on the article I submitted. Anyways…

A league I was in, would be going into the third year but it folded this weekend. I am bummed it didn’t survive even though I have known I was going to leave for months. It is a best ball league so I didn’t have to worry about neglecting line-ups or waivers. It just stopped being a fun league. Then add on the recent changes at home and work and it didn’t make sense to stay. It is hard for me to leave a league when I have had such a strong stance on the responsibility and commitment of being a dynasty owner.

When I first wrote about the responsibility of an owner I did include the caveat of real life being more important than the fantasy one. Even though I wrote it, I had not been following it. As a result my family life was strained and my fantasy life was affected too. So I have decided not to be a person with tens of leagues. I am gonna stay closer five. If I can narrow my focus than I will be able to play better and focus more on real life. 

Reading this, you are probably thinking “first world problems” or “this dude says ‘I’ a lot. I agree 100% 😉 . The thing about problems like this is they are only problems because we made them problems. I created the fantasy side of this problem by over committing to more leagues than I could handle. I did not take into account the transitions and growth in my real life when I was growing my fantasy one.

In this instance, recognizing a simple solution will greatly improve my life, leaving a couple leagues. Choosing not have a problem seems difficult at first, but now it is over and I feel great. Some of my leaguemates were bummed and some even mad for bailing. Once I explained my situation and needing to take care of other things, they understood.

Side note: thank you for reading this far

I hope you are never in a position like this, were you have to leaving something you enjoy. Also, if other parts of your life suffer because of a league or leaguemates, leave. Someone else will take your spot, there are plenty of owners looking for orphans. 

Take into consideration the commitment level needed for a new league. Start-up season is about to take off. Do not over commit.


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