Observation 12-28

Week 16 is over and most of the dynasty champions have been decided. Of the 8 dynasty leagues I played in, I won 2. I played in the Scott Fish Bowl, a redraft league ESPN and a $4 challenge bestball league. It was all a little too much. I did win the $4 challenge amd make it to the Championship in redraft though.

You may have heard I moved into a small house, you may even call it a tiny house as it is under 1,000 square feet. My family and I have embarked on living a more minimalist and essentialist life style. Through all this I have cluttered my mobile and online life. For some reason I have had a disconnect there and it has not been productive. I have been writing less and wasting time on more social media, more leagues and more games.

I bring this up because I have been struggling with this double life and have already cut out two dynasty leagues. I have had a strong stance on the commitment made when joining a league and why we should not leave a league. I have had to recognize my fault in joining leagues I should have resisted in the first place. Drafting is so fun though! This year, if I need to draft I am going to limit it to $4 challenge or MFL $10’s so my actual commitment is limited.

(More soon… gotta get to bed)


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