Observation 11-3

I need to clarify something.

The rules chosen by any league are their own and I have no issue with it. My issue with the debate on potential points is when a league switches to it because they can not stop members from tanking. I would also like to pose a dilemma.

A team who has decent depth and good starters gets unlucky. They finish the first 7 weeks at 0 and 7 because they keep facing the first or second highest scorer even though they are always the nest highest scorer for the week. They get a few really close calls or they benched a guy who went off the week they benched them. They will miss the playoffs by a mile but by potential points they would be in the top of the standings. Maybe it is set up so only non playoff teams are potential points, which still moves them from a very early pick to the 8th pick.

So, should they get an earlier pick to compensate for their horrible luck and bad record or a later pick because “they have a good team”?


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