Priority Not Priorities 10-3

I have had to be honest with myself with all these changes happening so close together. New house, baby on the way, father moving in with us and a few smaller things. The biggest realization I have had is when I make everything a priority, nothing is. I have been trying to do a lot at once and it wasn’t working.

Last year I starting writing about dynasty fantasy football,  probably the only reason you ever found my blog. I also started trying to write about and play more DFS, tools on several more dynasty leagues, podcasting and making videos. I have to be honest and acknowledge by doing all of those things something else will have to give. I really want to do everything. I feel like I see these successful people through various media and they can do everything. So why can’t I?

I realize now that they don’t do everything. They do a very select number of things which are within their individual abilities. They probably came to the same realization I am arriving at, there can be one priority. This is not to say there can not be other important things, there most certainly can. Those things are, by nature, less important than the priority. By having this focus it is easier for me to let the less important things go and actually have focus. This also is helping me realize what is within my own ability. If I’m honest within myself, I can’t do everything. 

I am now allowing myself to enjoy my strengths. I recently heard strength defined as “activities which make you stronger or help you grow.” I like this a lot. A strength is not simply something you are good at. There are lots of things we are good at which bore us or we do not actually like. By shifting it to; the actions making us feel more complete, competent and overall just feeling good about them we can change the way we find our priority. 

To be continued…. (gotta get the kids to bed.)


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