Friends 10-4

​Friends on anchor? Anchor stories? #qotdje:

Jenafer poses a great question, do you call people you have met through social media your friends? Is there a disclaimer in front of it?

For me I have many friends I met through Twitter and playing in various Fantasy Football leagues. Some people I give a disclaimer to when I’m referring to them “in real life” but some I just say friend. So at what point does the disclaimer drop off? The answer, it depends.

The first reason for it to drop off is when I feel like I trust the person. To me the bases for a good friendship is trust. If I trust someone I know they will be honest and often there is a level of respect going with the trust. This develops over time and frequent conversation. It’s more than just being able to talk fantasy football online. It’s being able to talk about life and know they will contribute or at least listen to my thoughts. It goes both ways too, I feel like I appreciate their point of view and pay attention to what they say.

The second is when I refer to them a lot. Now that I’m really thinking about it though, I only do this if the first part is true. I do not talk much fantasy football at home or work so I really only do it when telling other stories. Many of you know I contribute at UTHDYNASTY.COM and when I refer to Chad or the other contributors, I refer to them with no disclaimer. Same goes for my guys at the Dynasty Playbook podcast and I have never met any of them in person but consider them all my friends. Sometimes my wife would say something like, “is that one of the UTH guys?” I always smile and say, “yes.” But now I refer to them so much she knows who I’m talking about. I should ask her how she pictures everyone. She is not on twitter so does not see the AVI’s.

So, to answer the initial question, yes I refer to people I #MetOnline with and without a disclaimer. I also have slightly redefined friendship since joining these more interactive social media outlets.


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