Life 9-29

Reorganizing things can be therapeutic. Moving to a new house comes with lots of new organization and new surroundings. It has felt overwhelming at times but I am doing my best to focus on the positive changes and ways to capitalize on the momentum.

The hardest change is my father moving in with us. My parents divorced a few years ago and since then he has been a wreck. Add on his rapidly failing health, sprinkle in some denial and habitual lying,  you get the toxic situation we are making the best of. The positive side is he is paying us rent and my daughters adore him. 

The girls were super excited when they found out he was going to live with us. We added a 200 sq/ft room to the house just for him and the girls go in and play with him every chance they get. My hope is they will give him hope. It has been incredibly hard to watch his mind and body deteriorate but the girls don’t notice too much. They know he is sick but are still too young to understand how sick.

I guess the point of this is to show we can find silver linings. Bad situations can be made into better ones. It won’t always be made good but it can be made better. Maybe it won’t be the best for you, hopefully you can be ok with it helping someone else out though.


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