I moved the app.

I used to keep WordPress on one of the back pages of my phone. I realize today how dumb it is to have be where I rarely see it. If I want to keep producing I need to have it easily accessible. 

I joined Anchor and have barely used it but my goal is to make one wave and write one blog post every morning. I need to change my habit. I need to not allow saying it and posting the goal here feel the same as actually doing it. Some say if you have a goal, tell no one until you have accomplished it or are really working on it. Here is me really working on it.

If you have a goal, something you want to start doing, find a way to make it a habit. Find a trigger. Mine is going to be pulling into the work parking lot. Taking a few minutes before I walk in to get my thoughts out there. On my way in to work I left everything off, radio, music etc. And in my head I wrote this out. The first iteration started with

I drove in with no noise. I wrote this intro a million times and here I am still not sure if it’s write.

The truth is I wrote it once in my head and then once here. So I was going to lie. But I didnt.

That’s all the time I have. See you tomorrow.


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