Life Observation 1

I have started writing this, stopped and started over, several times now.

Sometimes it feels like you can’t catch a break. We have to keep going though. There are people who depend on us. There are people whose lives are directly impacted by our decisions. Even if you are thinking, “nope, it’s just me.” I am certain if you stop to think about your day and all your interactions, you will see at least one person. On the same hand, be ok with kindly declining taking on more in your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed or like you are stuck, only do what is essential.

Some day I will explain things in detail. For now, I will continue to work hard and do what I can. I will also continue to be honest and tell some that my plate is full and I can’t take on anymore right now.

“No” Is a complete sentence – Megan LeBoutillier


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