Observation 24

I realize as “The Dynasty Observer” I write for a niche group. I don’t think of dynasty as “that niche”. Please bare with me while I try to articulate this thought about #FFTwitter, writing and sharing fantasy football philosophy. 

I think I tried to go too deep into finding a niche and can appear like I am in a clique.

I do want to write about dynasty, which is a niche. I also love writing my Observations and sharing deeper thoughts about life and this game we play. Things can be so much more specific though and I realized something about myself and possibly others. I realized I feel a pressure to be unique and have some sort of special niche. There is a pressure to be the next Matt Harmon. This is probably in my head for the most part, is it in your head too?

If you write a blog or spend a lot of time on #FFTwitter than I think you may understand. Sometimes those of us on twitter forget about the casual player and fan. We are so deep into it we don’t even see the casual people unless we have a “home league”. In fact saying “home league” has become synonymous with “less active” and “not serious”, as if we are really serious about this game, about a game. We may get frustrated when a “crazy” trade goes down or when a draft we are organizing isn’t being jumped on. We seriously question how someone could drop a player with a “clear” (even if only projected) career trajectory because they will miss a few weeks. The “basics” on #FFTwitter are not the norm, we are not normal.

I wonder if I have gone too far in my pursuit of something deeper and have lost site of why I even started. I’m trying to make my side dish the main meal of a party. If this hits home for you, join me in refocusing. We don’t have to be Matt Harmon even if he is a hero to some of us. We only need to be the best possible version of ourselves and write informed content with passion. Sure, “anyone can make ranks” but can they explain why they are in order beyond a feeling, assumption or just the players on their teams? Fantasy players are smarter than ever, technology has changed the game forever. We don’t have to be the smartest one in the room, though it helps.We do have to be entertaining and informed if we want to be noticed though.
There are very successful groups who cater to the masses. Think about it. The big sites like NFL, CBS, ESPN, and Football Guys get so much exposure they have to cater to the general fantasy player. Part of their rise to power in the fantasy industry is maintaining a flow of general ideas and adding sprinkles of focused and higher level thought. The meat and potatoes is for the masses while the sides stay small as to not overwhelm or over shadow.

My goal should be the same as when i started writing. I want to get more people into dynasty and DFS. I want to show people the strategies and ideas used in these niches do not have to be over complicated. I want to encourage deeper thought and maybe sprinkle some serious life in there too. I want to be part of an amazing community which includes those not on #FFTwitter. Dynasty and DFS may be niche but they do not have to be a clique.

Let us not forget about all the home leagues and our friends in them. 


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