Live MFL10 Multicast

We have all heard podcasts commentate on live mock drafts. Every time I hear them I think, “why not play these out? With the invention of Best Ball it would be so simple.” Well, I am going to make it happen in a big way.

The idea of the multicast is to have several different podcasts, radio groups, youtube channels and other media outlets participate in a live MFL10 draft. Each group will do their own live commentary for their listeners where they can offer in-season outlooks and their ideal team construction. Ideally we can help consumers find an outlet they have not heard/seen/read before. With cross platform options the listener/reader/watcher can absorb information however they want.

As an MFL10 the league is easily played out and offers some friendly competition. It also gives the option to revisit the players and teams at the end of the year. As drafters we can promote each other and have some smack talk.

The first group will be Intentional Grounding, Readient, The Dynasty Playbook and a group to be announced soon. If you podcast, write a blog or use another media outlet ans would like join in on the fun, comment below or tweet me @jojolmags.


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