Film Struggle 2

I have written a few versions of this already. I do not want to get too far ahead of myself. If you wanted a play-by-play or game review there are plenty of better places to find them. My original point for this series is to share my experience about “watching tape”. For the two games in this session though, I feel I need to provide some context.

I am watching the game against the Chargers in week 15. By this time Dan Campbell had several games under his belt as the interim head coach and Parker had played three full games in a row. Miami had a 6-8 record at this point in the season.

Looking to the future the big question I cannot answer is how Tannenhill will do with both receivers under Adam Gase in 2016. I also do not know if Landry will still return kicks/punts but all signs point to those duties going to someone else. I like this change because I think it will mean Landry will be “fresh” more.

Also, since starting the last article I found a great piece by Matt Harmon about offenses running through Slot Recievers. The addition of Parker will help the offense be balanced and should open things up more for Landry. Also my buddy Tim wrote a piece about Tannehill which helps me feel confident in the Dolphins offense.

Week 15

Looking at the score, 14-30 Chargers, it doesn’t look like there will be much action for the Dolphins. Tannehill’s line gets destroyed by the Chargers defense who really puts the pressure on him and shuts down the run game. The Chargers ranked 20th in yards allowed and 21st in total points allowed for the year, they are not world beaters. The Dolphins only had a 14.3% Third Down Conversion Rate compared to the Chargers 64.3% and it shows.

In the second quarter Reshad Jones Intercepts Philip Rivers and returns it 42 yards down field then loses it and it is fumbled around the field until the Chargers get it back, the play is nuts. The Chargers time of possession at this point has to be near double the Dolphins. 

Tannenhill takes a mean hit towards the end of the quarter and the next play he throws it way wide to the right. One of the causes for the sack was the team moving their Left Tackle to Left Guard and a back up Right Guard to Left Guard. To us this seems insignificant, one is on the same side of the field and the other is still playing gaurd. The adjustments the players have to make are not though. They are blocking different players on the defense, where they are watching/protecting changes and they have to move differently. The botched pass is almost to be expected. Defenses know if they can Sack the QB it gets them off their game and into their heads.

Their first Drive of the second quarter Tannenhill takes another Sack, the defense knows where the weakness is and they are cashing in. The Dolphins defense gets them back though by wrapping Rivers up on third down. I am almost doing the play-by-play thing I said I wasn’t going to do, thanks for still reading this far. I promise there is a point to this. The next drive, on first down, Tannehill is sacked again. The defense breaks through the same side, again. My point to all of this is to illustrate why his numbers are low in this game. He connected on 20 of 34 attempts for 216 yards. To put this into context his average per game for the year was 263.1 yards. His play changed how the game went for Landry and Parker. Looking at these WR and not taking into account game script and QB and O-line play doesn’t make sense to me.

All of the action from Landry and Parker happens in junk time basically. Yes junk time still counts, Jordan Matthews proved this by finishing as WR17 last year. I believe it has an impact on the ceiling of a player though. What I mean is they could do a lot more damage if the offense is clicking and the QB is better positioned to help make plays happen.

Parker looks good catching a 35 yard pass. For the day he goes 4 receptions for 87 yards.

Then Landry does this and takes it four yards past the line of scrimmage. He ends the day with 8 receptions for 54 yards, his longest only 14 yards.

Their roles are very different and though the fantasy community seems split, I believe they can both be relevant. Even in a down game they both finished with double digits in PPR scoring. 

The biggest problem looks like it will be if they cancel each other out. They will need to average over 13 points per game to be WR two’s on your team. I like Landry and feel he is at worst a WR2, I don’t think he stays at 16.9 ppg like last year.

Next will be the game against the Colts in week 16.


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