Side Note

There is a lot going on in the US right now. First Brock Turner gets an insanely light sentence for raping a woman at Stanford University. This had me beside myself. I am married to a wonderful woman and have two daughters. A close family member of mine was raped while in high school. Anytime I hear about a rape case it brings a lot of emotions as I am sure it tons others. Reading a boy and their father refer to rape as “action” almost made me throw my phone. Then the sickening mass murder in Orlando has me shook. I have family and friends who are gay and the thought of someone opening fire and killing them makes me want to throw up and cry.

I have been trying to focus on football and perfecting my process but my mind keeps going to other places.

I recently received some literature on the right ways to watch football from a more analytical view and how to catch the nuances of the game. I also joined the Intentional Grounding podcast. I am writing this just let you know I am working on FF things. I know I don’t need to, I want to though. You take the time to read my blog and it means a lot to me. Thank you.

Do me a favor, tell someone you love them today. Tell someone you care about them today. Take stock of those you associate with. Be honest with people. Be open minded. And of course, look out for my next project ; )


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