Observation 19

If you are an over-thinker like me, you could also be an over-explainer. Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be in life, at work, or in games. Often the correct answer or way to do things is the most simple.

1+1 = [[(9×3)/3]/3]-1

The mathematic statement above is true. We can either live with the simple fact 1+1=2 or we can over complicate things. In Fantasy Football, things being over complicated is a problem when in trade talks.

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” This is true in trades also. The shortest distance between sending an offer and it being accepted is as short as sending a fair or reasonable offer with players who fill a need. There does not have to be a short story attached with the details on why they need to accept the offer and why you are doing them a favor. If it is a good trade to them, they will accept it without the story. Having a conversation is encouraged, but don’t over complicate things and keep it simple.

I have had to train myself to keep talks simple and not to over-explain things. The person you are trading with does not need to know every little detail about the player you are trying to deal. If they want him, they already know all about him. I do not mean to say the research is not important, it is very important.
1. Look at their team, find the holes you can patch with your depth.
2. Take note of team construction, previous trades made and who they trust on twitter.
3. Know the market value of all players involved with the initial offer before sending it.

You should not be sharing all your hard work so easily.

What if my explaining is a sales tactic? I know people who think this and use it so. In my opinion, by going into great detail on why player X is awesome and why player Y should be traded just makes the other owner wonder why you want player Y so badly in the first place. No one believes you when trying to say you want to be on the “losing” end of a trade. They do/should start to think you know something they don’t and they should be doing more research. Have I fallen for this tactic before, yes of course. I know better now though and do not want you to make the same mistake and fall to the spell of over-explanation.

Keep things simple and they will go smoother.


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