Observation 14

This world needs people of different ideology to work together and seperately. It works best when there is tolerance, debate and not argument.

I’m not talking about tolerance through closing our eyes and pretending it’s not there. I’m not talking tolerance through pretending everything is “ok” and no one can be wrong or at fault. There has been a shift in our definition of tolerance because only the most extreme sides of intolerance become very public. The truth is, in some cases, we need both sides of the coin. When it comes to politics the Republicans and Democrats need each other. With out one fighting for economic change and the other fighting for social change, nothing would get done. In the middle ground between the two is where the most work is done. When people have the courage to both stand-up for what they believe in and sit down to listen to what others believe in, this is when resolutions and real progress happens.

We have in some ways been told things are in black and white. I believe the truth is usually in the grey and the only way to find it is when both side come together.

There once was a large division in the film community vs the metrics community. In recent years they have come together and we can now find many blends of both. There was a division between “standard” and PPR, until the people play standard realized it’s not the stone age and PPR is better. Now the biggest division I see is in the youth movement and those looking for “proven” vs “potential”.

There are various amounts of “risky” and “proven” assets on both sides. There has been a pushing out of the “older” WRs in ADP. The evaluation of “injury risk” and being “injury prone” is all over the place. A running back past his first contract is left for dead regardless of his point potential. While name value and points for older recievers holds value because they are “proven”, even if they don’t actually play real football very well. There has to be a middle ground.

I think the real answer to “win now” vs “build for the future” is in the grey. The answer is winning multiple years is about depth. It is about having assets who will most likely repeat good production now and assets who could eventually have good production in the coming years. Do I want the sides to disappear? No.

The two sides need each other. If dynasty were one sided it would be way harder to work out trades. Drafting wouldn’t be any fun because the same results would come out every time. Both sides are necessary to our game but they don’t have to hate each other. There can be fair trading and a difference in player value between owners with debate and not arguement.

We can have the courage to sit down with and listen to the other side. We can acknowledge both strengths but we must also accept our own weakness.


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