Observation 11

I enjoy the new (ish) twitter poll ability. It allows for easier view of how a majority views player value or #dynastytrades. One major way it is used is to post an already made trade and see what people think, this is a semi flawed way to use it. If the trade was already made, the only good it serves is to either A. Let the public know what they could maybe do in trade and/or B. Stroke an ego. Option A is the reason it is good and it is more of why #dynastytrades started. Option B is pointless and helps no one. It doesn’t help others to know about a knowingly lopsided trade.

One of the keys to understanding the outcome of these polls is to recognize the questions being in a vacuum. Generally there is little to no context when looking at it as actual trades. So if the poll goes up after a trade is made, we do not know if the team is building or has a realistic opportunity to compete. We don’t know any special scoring or the size of the league. There are probably many other factors we don’t know. These unknowns are part of why I do not actually use it to judge trades I have made. The other part is I trust myself and my evaluations/research and do not need the approval, though sometimes it is nice.

I use the polls and #dynastytrades mostly to gauge general perceived value. I use them to see how far of a gap there is in what I believe and what the greater public believes. My tweets have been used as “submitted” questions on a few podcasts, even though I never actually submit them to any one place. This leads me to believe I am achieving another goal which is to start conversations.

When I share, they are always real world possibilities. Always players from separate teams in a single league of mine. The context of how the options are possible or available is not there though. I play in a wide variety leagues, ranging from standard to PPR to PPC and more. None of my leagues use the same scoring. I use #BuckNasty as the baseline though as it still uses #Nasty26 scoring. Because they are different, I can use it to see how scoring affect the change in value.

I use polls to get people thinking, to start conversation and to gauge player value.


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