Observation 9

Being different is fun.

This past week I have been working on Rookie IDP Ranks for UTH. I watched a lot of tape, checked combine numbers and read news. I did look at NFL ranks and mock drafts to get an idea of which players were in real contention for good draft position. We knew we wanted to go between 24 and 30 prospects so I decided to go for 30.

My friend Drew, who I have worked on other IDP articles with, made ranks to go side-by-side with mine on UTH. We talked about a few prospects as we went but largely made them without trying to influence each other. When we finished I noticed we both have a couple players the other doesn’t have.

I have never posted ranks before so this was a lot of fun and I am excited to make them public. I was worried about being too different than other rankers. I kept thinking what if I miss something big or what if I get torn apart. Then as I was doing it I realized the excitement of getting a guy right will be greater than someone believing I am wrong. I generally take risky players in dynasty, so why would I care about taking the risk of putting myself out there? Then I read The Curse of Conservatism and it clicked.

I am really excited and this has been a great learning experience.


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