Observation 8

I started my rookie IDP Ranks for UTH today. Started out with the goal of top 24 but it has turned into wanting a top 30. I am putting players into tiers and only got 15 players sorted out so far, I will need to watch more “tape” aka youtube.

I am excited to put them out there. I am nervous about what other IDP rankers will think. Though, I suppose it really just matters that I do my best and we will see how it works out over the course of each players career. I know I will have misses, I hope I have hits. I also suppose once I get it out there, maintaining it will be easier.

Player value can change very quickly. News broke about Josh Gordon failing a drug test last month. Before the news, Gordon had picked up a lot of steam in the dynasty community. Now I am sure his stock is back in the ground. I think I may need to be a harder judge on players with off field issues.


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