Observation 7

Roster space makes all the difference in the world. One you know you can only keep a small number of players, you can change your strategy. When the pool of players is also limited, you can again adjust your strategy.

Today I participated in a live Devy Auction. We had earned money for the draft based on buying devy slots in the start-up slow auction. I had won the devy 1.02 for $213 of a $1,500 budget. This devy slot was then converted into $829 for the live devy auction. Of the 12 teams in the league, seven won devy slots. Several teams won multiple. I had thought about saving my money and taking several later slots for less, but it did not happen. After one team won four slots for $127, which ended up totaling just over $1,900, I thought I had made a huge mistake.

We are only allowed to win two devy players in the auctions. This helps keep the rookie draft more relevant. This also means because only seven teams had money for the auction, only 14 Total players would be taken. The player was very limited. I decided going into the draft I would go almost all in on a single player, then I would use $1 for my last player. Knowing at worst it would be my 14th ranked devy. I imagined bidding big on Fournette and being out bid and probably doing the same with Chubb and Smith. I set my sites on Barkley.

The first player to be nominated was Chubb. I instantly bid $200. It jumped up a few times and I kept going up until $800. I waited for someone to add another $100 right before the timer went out and it didn’t happen. I won Chubb! The guy who will be in contention for 1.01 rookie next year.

I still had $29 left and I put in a bid for $29 on every player.
Fournette  $850
Deshaun Watson $550
Dalvin Cook $774
Corey Davis $802 (This was my other fall back guy)
Kirk Christian $250

Then I was up to nominate and I put up Saquon Barkley for $29. He is an unreal talent and the hype train has been picking up steam. A minute went buy and I asked the chat room, “who is waiting to big at 10 seconds?” One reply came back, “gotta make you sweat.” Then 30 seconds came by. Then the auctioneer “once, twice, sold!” I couldn’t believe it. Either could the observers without money.

The rest of the draft went like this:
Mike Williams $325
Juju Smith $1,020
Christian McCaffery $324
Malachi Dupre $1,018
Dural Travin $328
Josh Rosen $1
Calvin Ridley $773


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