Observation 5

Find people you trust.

Having a core group you feel comfortable bouncing ideas off of can be very helpful. They don’t have to agree with everything or be in all your leagues. They just need to be people you trust to give you their honest feedback and opinions and who want to help you.

The UTH writers have a constant Google Hangout, used for site business and general dynasty talk. We bounce around trade ideas, commissioner issues and league ideas and not everyone likes everything. Sometimes we make trades the others wouldn’t have made or have ideas for a new league others don’t think sounds fun. At the end of the day though we all know we can share our honest opinion and feedback and always ask for help. When you trust someone it is easier to listen to and use constructive criticism.

(This leads to a grander idea about asking for help, but I will save it for another time.)

Another group of friends have made a hangout we named “the dynasty brain trust”. We all play in a league together but are also in several other leagues without each other. We are at various levels of experience, subscribe to different sites and ways of thinking. It is a great place to hear different opinions and trains of thought. Even though sometimes we disagree we are always honest and respectful. Part of being honest is saying, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”. This also happens but generally one of us can help with questions and ideas.

I share these groups to try and help illustrate why my initial statement, find people you trust, is helpful and important. These groups are more than friends on twitter or league mates, though I value those relationships too and they do have crossover.


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