Observation 4

Be Bold.

I do not know if saying more will be any more impactful or if I can really relay what I really want to say. I sometimes have a hard time with this. I want to “check my work” with what analysts think all the time. Craving validation is a part of being human.

When I started playing fantasy football I used ADP and big box site ranks like the bible. Consulting these are helpful because they often set a basic market in leagues. The problem is feeling like they are hard set. It is ok to “reach” or make a trade the masses disagree with if you like the player. It is your team after all. It is scary, but when it pans out the way you envisioned it the reward is greater. Make your team and not someone elses. Let it be yours. Be bold.

I want to make my own dynasty ranks but I have never published more than a top 12 list. Part of this can be attributed to my own lack of boldness. So here is me publicly giving myself the goal of making a top 24 for WR and RB by my birthday and posting it to the blog as an exercise is being bold.


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