Observation 3

I have two friends in start up drafts right now. One has made multiple trades and his roster is shaping up very nicely with a plethora of ’17 rookie picks. The other has not been able to make a single trade because no one is willing to trade fair value.

Not every league will allow for “best case scenario”.

Neither are looking for landslides, just fair value. I know both owners to be knowledgeable, savvy and fair. For whatever reason though one of them cannot get anyone to agree to a fair trade.

His last offer he shared was “1.06 and 3.06 for 3.05, 5.05 and a ’17 first.” This is essentially a fifth round pick and a future first for the likes of Cooper, Evans or Watkins. No one can tell me this is fair value, even those who put focus and weight on ADP. The only thing I can attribute it to is the setting of a bad market. Another owner in the league made a series of very one sided trades rapidly. By the time the other owners realized what they had done it was too late. Now no one wants to trade anymore.

I do not mean to say anything bad about the third owner. The goal of this game is to win and it is very possible the team will be stacked to win. It is simply the only thing I can guess that would create the market to stop completely.

The two leagues are, probably, just comprised of different types of owners. One more comfortable with trading and riskier than the other. UTH has many great articles about trading and premium podcasts about drafting in a start up. Some of these illustrate the “best case scenario” to help owners see what is possible. Not everyone will make killer trades in a start up, as much as we all want to, because not all leagues are created equal.

Like the mantra; keep trying, never settle, refuse to be average. If you find yourself in a start up with no market, do your best draft and don’t wait for ADP. Take your best player available and be ready to make trades after the draft. There is a good chance you will be sniping the owners every pick of the way if you just go BPA through the draft.


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