Observation 2

When I first started writing I just wrote because I enjoyed it and wanted a way to find others who might think the way I do. Like, maybe my voice could bring thoughts about the game into the open. Then when I started writing things for UTH all kinds of people were asking questions about players and future outlooks that I wasn’t sure about. I always try to be open about what I know and don’t know but sometimes I felt as if I had to give a bold answer. This leads me to my observation:

You don’t have to know everything, it is ok.

The very beginning of my being at UTH I thought I needed to know everything. I thought I needed to be watching tape in all my free time and looking at the matchups for DFS or finding the next great trade target. But quickly I realized I can’t and almost no one does.

One of the great things about dynasty is the diversity of the information. There are a lot of different strategies working to various degrees and many who specialize in single areas of the game. We can use this to our advantage if we find those we trust. We can look to different people depending on the information we are seeking.

No one can know everything but anyone can know somethings. Seth Godin, in his book Linchpin says, “everyone is a genius sometimes.” We all have good ideas sometimes. We also have bad ideas, bad process, or bad calls. These bad calls must be acknowledged for us to see the good ones. Just remember it is ok to say, “I don’t know.”


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