Observation 1 continued

Sorry, had to get part one out before I put the kids to sleep incase I fell asleep too.

The when and why the idea of the “sell or buyer” can happen.

First is selling an asset at a peak in value. As an example if you were a contending team who drafted OBJ in the later first round. Then after a monster rookie season you could sell for a kings ransom. And again after his sophomore season you could still sell for a kings ransom.

Second in selling is selling asset you do not have a good feeling about. This could be Devonta Freeman going into his third year if you do feel he can keep up the performance. Or one of Parker, White or Perriman if you do not trust reports or trust they will be the big contributors they could be.

When buying there are also two important things to think about. First is the player you are willing to pay up for. I’m not saying to sell the farm. An example could be buying Diggs after his big season. He was probably drafted with a second or third and now to buy him you will probably spend a first.

A better time to buy can be when a players value dips but you think it can recover. This could have been buying Josh Gordon last year for pennies and probably doubling the investment now. Or buying Martavis if you think he will be back and be great. It could be buying Alf when everyone else bailed. If you were lucky the Yeldon owner in your league was iffy on him, Ivory signing sent him over the edge and you bought “cheap”.

These scenarios are different. They can be combined in some manner. More importantly though you need to recognize which side you are on in order to make trade negotiations go smoothly. Going in with the wrong tactic could push a trade partner away and start you off a step behind when you think you are ahead.


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