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Dynasty fantasy football is the whole reason I started this blog and most likely why you started reading it. It quickly worked in my favor and I was asked to write articles for UTH Dynasty. After I started there this creation of mine was neglected. I want to get back to it though.

Seth Godin has suggested to business people, entrepreneurs and those looking for growth to write about one observation they made each day. This is what I plan to do. I have needed to find my focus again and I believe I have. I enjoy writing and making people think. Most of my tweets are to spark thought or conversation, so why not have a blog like that? Tomorrow I will start with “Observation 1” but for those who have stuck with me through this exploratory period, here is “Observation 0”:

A great fantasy writer @14TeamMocker wrote an article about the valuation of rookie picks. One of the things that stuck out to me was roster management.

I believe it changes the value of picks for certain owner. If an owner has the whole first round but does not have enough roster space for all the players, it does them no good. This is where trading for future picks comes in handy and is one way the value of a future pick changes also. When someone asks about a trade on twitter the answering party has no idea what the rest of their roster looks like. The roster management may not change value in any big way but it does dictate how much risk can be taken on. When looking a year and two years out, where they fall is purely speculation.

It can get tricky but our leagues are like small markets inside a large market place. Think of it like gas prices. There is a general price on a player, but much like how gas prices change from city to city and state to state, a players price changes slightly from league to league.

In my opinion, “a first is a first” when it comes to trading for future picks. If I am sending a current first I want to get at least future first generally. But last year I sent a 2016 first round pick for two early 2015 second round picks. Because the first became an early first, now it looks like I probably lost the trade in terms of value over the last 12 months. My team needed the depth though and the players I drafted are good pieces for my team.

Last thought, everyone has different valuation.  We all prescribe to different trains of thought which is why trading is fun. Find those who think differently than you and determine which difference can be exploited in your favor.


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