I’m procrastinating. I usually get into my writing groove at night when I can relax in bed. Lately I have been so tired though. I’m doing anything different physically but emotionally a lot has been going on.

My wife’s grandmother died last weekend and it has been a little rough. I did not know her but she had a profound affect on the early stages of my wife’s life. We knew she was on the way out but it didn’t make the news any easier to take in. On top the sadness there is absolute anger at other family members complete disregard for others.

Some operate on the idea of “you owe me if I do this for you.” They do not help or care because they love and want to, only to receive something in return. I have never operated this way and it seems so selfish, self centered and greedy.

If everyone helped out because they cared or even just did it without an ultimatum than other people would be more willing to do the same for them. It would allow for an economy of gifts and thank yous. There is so much greed in some people though. This ultimatum mentality is also why people can’t get over my wife being a stay-at-home-mom.

I am so grateful for my job and how it allows her to stay home with the kids. She takes care of them because she loves them. She doesn’t get anything in return outside of love and satisfaction as out kids grow and mature. This lack of monetary value blows people’s minds. They think she is lazy and is not of value. This could not be further from the truth. Again, it circles back to greed and the want of money. Don’t get me wrong, I like money too but I like knowing my kids are being loved, safe and in a learning environment even more.

I don’t really have an end to this thought. I just ask you to be more giving and think about doing things for the happiness of others. Not everything needs to have a dollar value.


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