A poem

(I used to write poetry a lot. I once was an English major with a dream writing a lot of poetry. My college experience is a story for another time. This one’s not great but something I have been thinking about. I fell in love with a beautiful piece of art, a masterpiece beyond description. I had pictures of it but was asked to delete them, “no photos please”. So I said I did. But nothing is secret, nothing is safe, others have seen it. I am sure you have memories of amazing things you have seen which will never be forgotten. Also, cloud backup helps 😉

a Masterpiece , not another masterpiece
the Masterpiece with lines of perfection
for your eyes only
taken away because of a lie we tell
ourselves, who are merely slaves to vision
of a site we’ve seen
pretending they took away what is still ours
pretending we rid ourselves of it but
it is forever


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