Writers Block

Writer’s block is such an interesting thing. We do not get “blocked” when we are doing things outside of creating. We also generally do not procrastinate things that do not have to be shipped. “Shipped” in the sense that they need to be put out into the world or presented to a customer/client.

When I have the chance to play video games or check twitter I do not procrastinate but when I have an article for UTH and it must be done by a certain time I often procrastinate. I set apart time every evening to write. During the day I have tons of ideas about what to write but often I draw a total blank during my set time.

One thing to help get those creative thoughts back is to just start writing. Even if it is about nothing, I start writing. Getting words out of my head and into a processor of some sort just help make way for my other thoughts. I do not know if it will work for you, but it might. After all, thoughts without action are merely thoughts. Acting upon thoughts leads to creation.

Do not be afraid of a bad idea or thought. We all have bad ideas, acknowledge this so you can also acknowledge it’s opposite. We all have good ideas. Like Seth Godin says, “everyone is a genius sometimes.” I truly believe this. We do not have to be millionaires to have great ideas and act upon them. If we want to have even a chance at being millionaires however, we do have to act on our great ideas. I do not mean to suggest being a millionaire should be our goal. It does serve as a useful picture in our minds though. Yet, if we can make something or do something spectacular, we can improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

This way of thinking is one reason I admire Chad Parsons at UTH so much. He is able to let go of the fear and act on his ideas. He puts out daily content, often in contradiction to the main stream, for the public and his customers. He acts on ideas of change and innovation for his process and the sites content regularly. I hope to one day be fearless.


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