Sick day

My oldest daughter has been sick the last few days and yesterday we found out she has pneumonia. I got off work early so I could watch my younger daughter while my wife took my oldest to the doctors. Most of the day was spent at the doctors office and then in the hospital. It was a long day but we went home last night and only had to go back in for an hour today.

I had pneumonia as a kid and I remember it lasting for weeks and being horrible. But my daughter is a trooper. She did really well in the hospital and now she seems totally normal. This girl might be super human, she amazes me every day.

It is also amazing how things seem to just work out for her. I did not have much work yesterday so I was able to leave at 1:30. Then today there was still no work so I did not need to go in. I actually made more money by using PTO than I would have if I went in to work. This worked perfect for me being able to take care of my daughter. Initially I was mad about the lack of work but looking back on the last 48 hours it was a blessing.


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