Know your role

I have been toying around with the idea of make a rookie big board which would include offensive and IDP players. I have never done with before though. Last year I tried the bold predictions thing but it felt silly. It was definitely not my thing.

I am a believer in people finding what they are good at and the capitalization of it. It is better to do one thing great than many mediocre things. In real life, I am good with cars. I am always working at getting better of course but it is my craft.

In Fantasy Football I am still searching for the thing I do great. During the season I wrote a weekly DFS article and I feel like by the end of the season it was pretty good. There were some rough weeks though we’re I tried too much or tried things and failed.

This off season I have been writing rookie IDP articles and I really enjoy them. IDP is the next big thing for FF and I want to help show more people why they should adopt it. Making a big board is kind of a way to plant my flag but I wonder if it is something I should do or if I should slow my role.


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