Today’s thought

I have been writing every day but not feeling each entry has value. This could very well be in my head and is missing the point of the exercise. Either way, I am posting this today. A thought I had because I have been writing to keep the creative juices flowing.

Many active dynasty owners use forums and twitter. We post trade proposals to see what the masses think, often wanting to feel their approval. Often with no context or knowledge of format and feeling we need to “win” the trade by a large margin or we do not want to trade. This is flawed and I am guilty of it.

One reason for this flawed longing is not knowing the two teams involved and where they stand in conjunction with the rest of the league. One team could be thought of as “rich” and one as “poor”. In fact, most leagues have teams like this. The “poor” teams can be this way for many reasons like an inactive owner, bad draft or previous bad trades. The last two are what I want to focus on.

(A small tangent) In these two cases the owner may not know where to turn or know of the numerous resources out there for dynasty content. Maybe they do but only know of one. They could become discouraged and want to leave the league. This is why it is so important to have a league chat and keep in contact with people. Part of why we join leagues is for the social aspect of it, for the friendship. It does not have to be a business relationship. I have made great friends through different leagues.

Here is where the trading comes in. When we are the “rich” owner we can afford to deal with the “poor” owner. We have the depth to make trades which do not involve studs. Often we want to find trades involving studs or players with new hype. This is not always the best way to do it. I am not saying to take a huge loss. I am saying it is ok to lose the trade in the eyes of outsiders.

Think of it as a small donation. Donations help those in need feel welcome and comfortable. It is also a small way to help the “poor” not feel like leaving the league. No one wants to feel poor. In dynasty it is easy to rid this feeling, we can walk away. After all, it is a game with no real impact on real life unless we allow it. By donating we can help owners we like stay in our leagues.


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