I told myself I would follow the advice of the legendary Seth Godin and post every day… last week.

As you can see this has not happened. So here is me putting my thoughts down and out into the world in hopes of getting my creative juices flowing again.

This past couple months have been really stressful. I have been so focused on my day job and on finding a way to buy my family a house, I have not thought of many other things. My career is in the automotive industry as a technician. The industry as a whole slows down in February and because of this techs usually take a hit to the pocket book. Add in the giant airbag recall affecting the used car business in a huge way and I probably do not need to say much more to illustrate my problem.

Luckily last month is behind us. I am trying to focus on things going forward and making the best of the things I can control. One way I have started doing this is by trying to objectively ask myself what I am lacking. “what lack I yet?” Where can I do better at something or what can I improve? This can be hard and most the time if we are honest with ourselves I think we know the answer. The problem does not lie in fear but rather in the actual wanting to change. After all, what good does it do to take stock of our lives we are not actually willing to do anything about it?


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