Studly Duds and DFS

The first week of DFS on DraftKings I came out plus 5%. Week two I came out -50%. I do not play with a lot of money, DFS is fun for me and not about making money.

My personal feeling is that to make money in DFS there has to be a lot of time dedicated to it and I do not have that time. It is also very risky. It might not be considered gambling but I liken it to Poker. A lot of money can be made if you are consistent and good. A lot of money can be lost as well.

If you like DFS but do not have a lot of money, play the cheap and free games. Please. Do not fall into the trap of spending more than you can afford to lose. I promise that it is more likely you make yourself behind on a payment than it is winning a million dollars.

I know, I write about DFS every week at, but I had to get that out of the way. I have heard of friends losing big because they think they have a sure thing. If the last two weeks have shown anything, it is that there are no sure things. Lacy can sprain an ankle, Hill can get benched, Luck can get picked off three times and Romo can break a collar bone.

This past week I set this line up:


That should have been a lock, right? If you looked at the CBS fantasy ranks for week 2, those were all top 12 picks. I thought it would be fun to see if it was possible to fit top 12 players in the salary cap and when it was I decided I had to enter it in some games. They did pretty well for me in Cash games. Only because Matthews had the most junky of junk time TDs to offset Abdullah being almost non-existent. I was nervouse for a while.

Those nerves are what makes it fun though. I can select the players I believe will have a good week. I can take a stand on a player and put my money where my mouth is. I am not always bold, but it feels good to be bold on DFS. Playing the guy who people are forgetting about or is not on the radar yet, when they hit, is a rush.

There is no worry of my team being in a building mode or competition mode. In DFS I am always playing to win. Even if it is only a dollar. It is a dollar more than I had before Sunday.

Tweet me @jojolmags the player that burned you the most this past week and I will send you an invite to a private DFS league on Draftkings. Sunday only for $1.

Find me on Twitter @jojolmags


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