Just One Thing

My family and I have lived in the same apartment for over a year now. We have decorated and made it our home. It feels like home, it is comfortable and I am used to where things are and the flow of the space. Two days ago we made a change to the furniture. In a small apartment changes in furniture are a big change. So, what did we do? We moved the “dinning room” table.

It is a rectangle table from ikea. One of the short sides was against the wall, with two chairs on each of the long sides. To get into the kitchen you had to walk between the outward short side and the bar/counter. It was not a tight fit, but I would not say there was much room either. We had been doing it like this since we moved in and it worked fine. The idea was: with more table sticking out we would have room for guests to sit if we ate at the table. Some how we thought there would be more space on our small table for other things too, if it was sticking further into the living space.

Last week we came to terms with this fact: we really do not have people over for dinner often. The area would be much better used if we turned it and made more space on the carpet for our kids to play. The usable area of the table is not going to change no matter how we face. It also gives the table a more “office desk” feel, which is what we use it for 90% of the time anyway. This simple adjustment made it feel like a whole new room. A whole new home. There really was nothing “wrong” with how we had been doing it. We were just used to it and so we kept it the same. I am still asking myself why it took so long to make such a simple change because of how much better it is to have the free space.

Sometimes what we do in life is not wrong, but it could be done better. Sometimes in fantasy football there are things we do, players we target, strategies we use that are not wrong but could be better. I share this simple story so we can all take a step back, look at what we have, what we have been doing, and ask ourselves if we could do it better.

Maybe there is something you saw the other day that looked interesting but it is not what you do so you decided you would not do it. Stop that. Give it a shot. You could be surprised at the outcome. There are always new ideas and new ways of doing things in the fantasy community. Instead of writing everything off as dumb, try it out in a mock or a free league. See what it is about for yourself. Sometimes we are afraid to adapt or change because what we have been doing is not wrong.

Just because it is not wrong does not mean it can not be better. If you do it and decide it is worse than before, just put the table back and move on with your life.


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