Stuck in the middle

I wish I could apply my fantasy football logic to life’s problems some times. In fantasy if you are in the middle of the pack it is usually best to drop back for a short time in order to jump to the front. Move assets and accept being in a state of building and subsequent loss for a short time. We know this can work out wonderfully for the long term.

I have been thinking a lot, maybe too much. My family and I had a 10 day vacation planned and two days before we were to leave my wife was let go from her job. Her employment and the circumstances that caused it to end are whole other cluster of a matter. What I have been thinking about is; what’s next and was taking our vacation anyway, the right choice?

As I lay here, I believe taking the vacation was the right choice. We cut it short so I did not miss as much work but short term, it hurts a little. We could have used that money to hold us over for a little while. When we got home from vacation we were hit with an unexpected medical bill and our new apartment management company decided to add some crazy charges to our rent (Which I am currently fighting. I can not stand slum lords with no regard for decency. I digress.)

In fantasy sometimes we decide to give up the veteran “sure thing” for the younger players or future prospect. Ideally it pays immediately because we did our research and believe in our evaluation. It does not always work out though. The NFL is a crazy organization that is in constant flux. Injuries happen, coaches act in ways that seem completely irrational to some, and players can sometimes just turn out to be bad. My point is the short term prophet we might have wanted could be taken away.

The memories created on my family trip will last a life time. My three year old daughter’s face when she met Tinker Bell at Disneyland was the most amazing thing. It made her dreams a reality, even if only for a few minutes. I will never forget that. Seeing my grandmother, my last living grandparent, light up when she saw my youngest daughter for the first time was priceless.

I believe, long term, my choice to ignore conventional wisdom is more beneficial to my soul. Life can get us down. The memories of when it lifts us up can carry us through. The knowledge that in the long term we will be ok. That taking care of children’s happiness is more important than anything. Because helping them grow as people, helping them see great examples like grandmother, will ultimately pay off.

That young player you did all that research on. The guy you watched endless highlights of that just got hurt or that is having a “bad” preseason. Do not give up so quickly. Young players need time to pan out. We need to let them mature and grow into the dream of a player we have now. There are some knowns but there will always be more unknowns. Accepting that simple truth will help your stress levels immensely.

So again, I wonder. I wonder how my wife and I will make this work. Our family stuck in the middle. I make enough money for us to break even every month if we only buy the necessary things in life. If she goes back to work she has to find a job that will, at the very least, cover child care. After that additional expense we have to figure out what will be left and if it is even worth it.

Stuck in the middle. Not poor, not homeless. Not rich, not with excess. Struggling through this portion of life like so many do. Do we find a way to work with what we have and try to reach another level? Do we scrap it and get more education and go into debt.

Essentially taking a step back in order to get a better jump forward.

How ever we get it figured out I take comfort in a few things. First is that I know we will get through it.

If you make a plan with proper research and effort put into it then stick to it with dedication, you will succeed.

Second I take comfort in knowing that I have a wonderful support system in my wife and children. I love them dearly and they do a great job at motivating me and helping me think things through.

In fantasy, we might not have a wife to go home to that will help us with roster management or setting a line up. We do have a network of very intelligent people and great football minds. I am fortunate enough to write at UTH and everyone there is always willing to help. No one wants to be stuck in the middle, it is ok to ask for help.

Lastly I take comfort in trusting myself. Trusting that my decision to help my families happiness will have a longer lasting affect than a short struggle with money. My wife and I help drive and teach each other. As long as we are willing to learn and go we will be ok in the long run.

Do not give up. Remember what can be. Remember that it is ok to struggle for a time. Getting through rough times will help you grow as long as you let it. Even fantasy football can only teach the teachable.

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