Creation and a little motivation

It is the reason we play.

Whether or not you even realize it does not change the truth of the matter. I believe all humans have some sort of drive to create. To build an idea or a dream into reality. I have done this many times in my life. My creations range from the small like building legos or a fort while camping. All the way to the larger matter of myself; my work, my family, my beliefs. Often our success is determined by our drive to create, to become something better than what we were a short time ago.

Somewhere on the scale down by legos is fantasy football. We draft our teams as a labor of love. Choosing each player and making each move while looking to the future. Later, we make trades to further nurture our creation. Always worried about how things will go for this creation.

Sometimes, like with many creations, they grow a mind of their own. We have to accept that what happens, happens. We have to acknowledge that there will be missteps, misguided advice, injury, and full on flukes. This does not stop us though.
We were born to create while living in a world that is constantly trying to make us forget this instinct. A constant nagging to get in line and be quiet. The media monster telling us to look but not touch. Together we say, “No.”

Together we create and gain some small level of happiness by indulging in one of our most basic instincts. Like any creation, we want it to last both as a small part and the larger whole. This is why we dedicate so much time and effort. Why we choose the rising star over the falling one.
Longevity is why we value youth. It is also why we value depth. We can not forget about the things out of our control.

Passing on one A+ player for two A- players will always be a smart play to me. I ask you: Is it better to have one player who will score you 250 points and two that will score 100 or three that will score 150 (or even 125)? By having more quality and long lasting pieces in our creation, we can achieve greatness. Never stop creating my friends. Never stop nurturing your creations.

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