Back with a few tips

When the weather gets nice, my day job gets very busy. Luckily it slowed down a little today. Much like many of you who are also trying to navigate the fantasy football universe, life gets in the way. How do we manage time with our family and friends, work, and other miscellaneous obligations? Here are three tips that I hope help.

Have a schedule

My wife would be flabbergasted that I even said the words. Time management is important in fantasy though, just like it is in real life and even more when trying to navigate both. Personally, I spend the beginning of my lunch break looking through player news and checking for the latest fantasy article. In the evening after my kids are in bed I look through my leagues and see what moves I need to make. (Don’t forget to pay attention to the other owner’s moves) I try to arrange time for football and fantasy in a way that it doesn’t get in the way of my regular life. This dedicated times helps me to see things clearer.

Have patience

Dynasty fantasy football is a long game, not short. If you need to wait, wait. We don’t just want the best team now, we want it for years to come. So why jeopardize that because you can’t wait just a few more days or weeks.  I am often reminding myself that we have several months before the season starts. Wait for the right news to come out about a player before you move them or try to make a move on them. Player value has a lot to do with “hype” in the off-season, way more than most will admit. I have made the mistake of moving a player too early (and too late).

Be fearless

Don’t let too many emotions get in the way and look at your team objectively. We can not be afraid to sell a player at their peak value. Also, make sure you get that value. I recently traded Emanuel Sanders for Donte Moncrief, straight up. In retrospect, I probably could have asked for a late round pick given their ADP. Just given their future outlook though, I would much rather have Moncrief. I have been trying to move Sanders for weeks now and decided that going for Moncrief now was my best move. Sander’s value will not rise, in fact it seems to drop every week, and I believe Moncrief’s value will rise. I personally value Moncrief higher than Sanders anyway, so I made the move straight up.

Seth Godin once said, It’s better to make a decision, even the wrong one, than to be in limbo.” I love this quote, when the time comes for a move, make it. This ties back into patience also, we will prevail because we are patient and can see the long-term ramifications of a move. Determine your move and make it, don’t waste time when the opportunity arises. I mean, come on, this sun is calling my name. Every minute I waste second guessing myself is another I could be out playing with my kids.

Another Seth Godin quote that I love, Don’t try to please everyone. There are countless people who don’t want one, haven’t heard of one or actively hate it. So what?He is talking about new ideas, products, and entrepreneurship. But I think it can be applied to fantasy as well. The twitter and forum trolls are strong, they believe their way is the only way. This is far from the truth, stand your ground. There are plenty of strategies out there, some old and some new. Maybe you are finding your own. Either way, if you are happy with your move, do it. My number one rule will always be, “have fun.”



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