Took to the DLF Forum

After thinking of the few WR’s and QB’s who are both teammates and in the top 12 of their respective positions, I decided to take to the forums. Making a stack worth while seemed like simple math and common building practices meeting together. In DFS a stack is usually with a QBs WR1. But in Dynasty, it could easily be done with their WR2, and maybe even a TE or WR3 on a couple teams.

The stacks that owners said they had last year were:
Rodgers/Nelson x3
Rodgers/Cobb x2
Stafford/Johnson x2
Ryan/ White

This small sample size shows that it doesn’t have to be a WR1. After all, our goal is to build the best team possible. So when does a stack pay off? Let’s look at some stats.

– Rodgers passed for 4381yds and 38Tds. 7th over all in yards.
– Luck passed for 4761yds and 40Tds. 3rd over all in yards.
– Stafford passed for 4247yds and 22Tds. 9th over all in yards.
– P.Manning passed for 4727yds and 39Tds. 4th over all in yards.
– Ryan passed for 4694yds and 28Tds. 5th over all in yards.
– Cutler passed for 3812yds and 28Tds. 13th over all in yards.

First looking at the QB situation it’s clear that these teams pass the ball a lot. If not for Cutler, the whole sample size would be in the top 12 of passing yards. (For what it’s worth, Cutler is 11th over all for completed TD passes.) This leads me to believe that the obvious is true, for a stack to be worth while it must be done with a pass heavy offense.

More to come soon on the WR side and how some of these stacks came to be. Also, I asked owners how they did last year. Thanks for reading.


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