What I’m working on…

In Daily Leagues, a common strategy is to stack a top QB with a WR from their team, or vise versa. An effective way to do this is when you can price out a top 10 QB that has a top 10 WR. So, I have been looking into how that would work for Dynasty.

WARNING: THIS MIGHT GO AGAINST THE PHILOSOPHY THAT YOU BELIEVE IN. But hear me out. This is only the start of my research.

I started with a simple question, is it possible to draft a top 12 QB and one of his WRs on a roster. The simple answer is “yes”. And in many cases, it can be done without having to reach too far, if at all. When I looked through ADP on the DLF website, I found 2 teams that could be made, by pretty strictly sticking to the ADP, that would include a stack. They were:
– AJG, Jordy, Cooks with Brees and Dalton
– Dez, J. Graham, Benjamin with Wilson/Newton and Romo
There are tons of different combinations of players that can make a team. But I felt this proved that making a viable stack is possible. Both included 2 QBs too, which all dynasty teams have. These examples also made 2 possible stacks, depending the QB play. I don’t think is at all necessary, I just wanted to illustrate that it can be done. It also follows BPA pretty well. Which I know is the biggest arguement against what I am suggesting.

Some other questions I’m looking to answer are:
– Is it better to focus on a Top 12 WR or Top 12 QB for a stack?
– Is it worth the effort to trade into a stack? Is there a big enough return?

I’m sure I will come up with more questions for this as I go along, I will keep you informed. But I also found some information that might be interesting.

– Of the top 12 ranked QBs, 5 had a top 12 WR. If you look at top 24 QBs, you can add 4 more to the WRs in the top 12. Making the Ratio 24/9
– the Ratio of Top 24 QB to Top 24 WR is 24/15

But then I thought, rankings are subjective. We all a few guys that we believe are better, or will be better, than the general consensus. So I started to look at ADP. The top 24 from ADP of both QB and WR, and if the correlation changes much. I haven’t finished looking that yet, but I did notice something.

An owner could use the rookie draft to make a stack. This is probably a good way to do it, and could even be a tie breaker of sorts if you are totally torn between 2 players. Or if the value is starring you in the face, you might as well take it. For example, we can look at last year.
-The Tannehill owner could have drafted Jarvis Landry. Probably had him on the end or in the middle of their WR core. But could turn out to be a great WR3 or better.
– The Brees owner could have drafted Cooks.
– The Newton owner could have drafted Benjamin.
I think you see where I’m going. For more active owners, these WRs were probably not meant to be a WR1 right away. But the QBs probably were/are. The flip side of this will be if an Evans owner is in a position to draft Winston in the coming rookie draft. (assuming that’s Tampa’s starting QB.) 

Some other questions I came up with while writing this intro:
– Should an owner go BPA as long as possible, then make a slight reach? Or wait for a QB run?
– Can a better team be assembled if the QB matches up with an owners WR 2 or 3?
– Can a better team be assembled if the stack is with a top 12 QBs WR2? Ex: Stafford and Tate, Rodgers and Cobb, Brees and Stills.

Thanks for reading. I hope I can drive some conversation… I’m goin to bed.


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