You don’t need a new knife

I like to look through forums and Twitter to see what different think of players and teams. I think there is value in other opinions and evals, even if you don’t agree. One of the things I have noticed recently is that many dynasty owners are worried about “rebuilding”. And what I don’t like about this term is when it becomes synonymous with “blowing a team up”.

To them I say, “If your knife is dull, try sharpening it before you go out and buy a new one.”

I like what @ChapParsonsNFL of UTH Dynasty said to me on Twitter about “retooling”. We should always be looking to make our teams better. Staying active and competing. If the goal is to win, the goal should also be to never let our teams be in a situation where we have to sell everything for a chance.

Every player has a price, part of that price should be to fill our needs. If we stay on top of things, there is never a rebuild. Just a constant sharpening of our tools. That’s how a dynasty stays alive. Not just by building, but through maintenance. With a little maintenance, the dynasty crumbles.

Now, there are some situations were rebuilding is needed. But I think it’s less than what many players think. Often a rebuild is needed because an owner sat on a team too long, it was used too often without being sharpened. Or, it’s a team we picked up, an “orphan team”, and the previous owner put it in a bad place. The whole thing got “rusty” (old) and so much so that it’s falling apart. Or they dumped a bunch of players and torn it apart, leaving you to reassemble the pieces. I’m sure there are some other circumstances, but I think made my point. These are on a little more of the extreme side.

When you look at your team, your league, look for ways to sharpen up. Don’t blow up a team that doesn’t need to be. Look at the players that can be built around, those that have value but aren’t needed (your WR5 could another’s WR2), and those whose value is sky rocketing or plummeting. Try to “retool” as Chad says, instead of “rebuild”.


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