Fantasy Football

So here I am, blogging. I’ll start with the WHY.

I want to improve my writing skills, more specifically about fantasy football. A dream of mine is to write, it always has been.

Someone once said to “follow your passion” but another said, “do what you’re good at.” I believe in both pieces of advice. So I became an automotive technician. I currently work on Ferraris and Maseratis. Following my passion for cars by doing what I’m good at.

Back to fantasy football and why I’m here on WordPress. I honestly hardly watched football before about 4 or 5 years ago. So my knowledge on past players is not very extensive. But when I started playing fantasy, I fell in love. I can’t enough of it.

My plan for this blog during the season is to document and share my thoughts about my journey through daily fantasy football. Try different strategies that I believe work or will work, and hopefully find ways to win some money. Last year I came out on top, I’m confident I will again. We all love to play, not everyone can spend the time doing the research though. It will also be about task that can be done in short amounts of time that will give you the info needed to make an educated line up. Anyone can copy someone else, this will be more of a way to strategies for yourself.

My plan for off season? I haven’t really thought of what to do with that yet. I know there is lots of time before the season starts and dfs is my main focus. But I love the ever changing landscape of the NFL and how it affects dynasty also. There are so many places to find information on that I want to offer something unique. I’m not a scout and won’t pretend to be one. I will try to offer at least one article a week that could be beneficial to the dynasty community.

Thank you for joining me. I hope I didn’t rant too much and was intriguing enough that you will come back for my real articles.

I’m active on Twitter @jojolmags


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